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All The Lonely People

All the Lonely People. In 1966 the Beatles sang about those lonely people. Today, though, their plight continues. Many seniors are lonely, oh so lonely. “Isolation and loneliness constitute the greatest health hazard for the aging,” said Bruce Frankel in “The Loneliness Epidemic, a presentation to the Certified Senior Advisors in December 2017. Some startling … Read More about All The Lonely People

Family Caregivers: Beware of Compassion Fatigue Compassion Fatigue: Are You at Risk? Some 78 million people in the United States dedicate themselves to caring for a family member in need. All during November, we will celebrate the wonderful things they do in National Caregivers Month.. Unfortunately, though, their loving efforts can put family caregivers at risk for what is called … Read More about Family Caregivers: Beware of Compassion Fatigue

More Posts from this Category